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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Amazing Kefir - A Personal Testimony

After much internet research, I found that Kefir is good for those who have food allergies. My daughter has had it since her infant days when we had to change milk several times because she reacted to them. In fact, she had been admitted to the hospital for allergic reactions that resulted in difficulty of breath. You could not really control it very well with her having 36 allergens at that time. Nearly impossible or so I thought.

It was after I had read so many books and researches that I found a way to manage this condition and bring her allergens down to 6. It was down to that number alright but her reactions were still the same her airways would narrow and she would have upper respiratory tract infection. Much to our disappointment, she is allergic to shellfish and crustaceans among others.

During a recent trip to Singapore though we noticed that she had no reaction whatsoever. This was despite her daily consumption of crabs and shrimps for the duration of our stay. She was so happy that she said she wished the allergies would never be back again. I asked if she had taken her allergy medicines and she promptly answered she didn't take anything but the kefir that I asked her to drink. She had taken kefir constantly for a month prior to our trip. That to me is amazing. You should have seen her reaction to her allergens before to truly appreciate what I mean. Being a nurse, I know that an allergic reaction could be life threatening.

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