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Kefir and yogurt are among the the healthiest food on earth. With the help of the good guys, the live bacteria aka live active culture, anyone can take a small step at attaining good health. However, this is only so when the product you choose says "live bacteria, or active culture, or live culture". Our products have live culture thus you get the full benefits from yogurt. Not only that, we use natural ingredients for most of our products - brown sugar, fresh fruit, farm fresh milk, natural sugar replacement(stevia), and organic eggs to name a few.

Just because it is healthy does not mean it is boring. At Yoggie's, we make sure that you get to love being healthy and say "it's so yummy!" all the way home.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Budwig Diet and Yoggie's - Aiming to Help

I've just recently discovered the Budwig Diet which claims to help people with cancer even in the worst stage.  They seem to have about 90% success rate in their treatment while the 10 percent is attributed mainly to those that do not strictly adhere to the program.  This diet was made and prepared by a German Biochemist, Physicist Dr. Joanna Budwig.  Dr. Budwig was the top European Cancer Research Scientist who has earned a Nobel Prize for her work.

The diet combines flaxseed oil with either quark or cottage cheese.  According to the research, the combination of the cheese and the oil creates a chemical reaction that actually stops cancer cells from multiplying.  If you're interested, here's something to read.

We  know how hard it is to follow the budwig as there is hardly any fresh cottage cheese around.  Certainly not at the supermarkets.  Here at Yoggie's, you'll find the freshest cottage cheese - we deliver it to you within 24 hours of preparation.  We don't just want it that way, we insist on it.

We have cottage cheese and quark made from plain milk and from kefir too.  The kefir makes those type of cheese healthier.  One of our customers who does the Budwig Diet attests that she felt better.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Artisan Cheese Workshop - Soft Cheese Workshop in April 2012

Here are the details of the Soft Cheese Workshop for April 2012. 

Date and Time:  April 28, 10 am to 6 pm (but expect it to extend beyond this time from experience)
Venue:   Pasig near City Hall

Topics to be covered:  Food Safety, and the following cheeses:  Cottage chees, mozzarella cheese, feta, cream cheese, ricotta and greek yogurt

Workshop Fee and Inclusions:
Php 6500.00.  Php less for early bird registration (paid before April 15, 2012)
Includes all ingredients (milk, acids, rennet, starter, sea salt, herb), use of all needed equipment , cheesemaking kit, certificate, packed lunch and  pm snack
As in the first workshop, we are limiting the attendees to 12 persons to ensure that everyone gets a personalized attention.    If you’re interested, please email us at yoggiestation@gmail.com or send SMS to +63 (918) 9202592.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My First Mozzarella

We had a great time during the cheesemaking class last weekend (March 24 to 25, 2012).  There were only 5 of us and we had Dr. Susan Mercado to ourselves.  Now, after learning how to make mozzarella, here's a pic of mine which I made into deep fried balls and had for dinner.  It was fresh and really good!  Did I mention that it stretches like it should?

Anyway, we were taught how to make white cheese and mozzarella on day 1.  On our second day, I got to teach about the soft cheeses which I am really very familiar with - feta, ricotta and yogurt and breezed through cream cheese.  We opted to do the mozzarella again because it did require some practice.  Except for some salt preferences of those who tasted our "creations", the comments we got were very good.

There'll hopefully be another Soft Cheese Workshop in April.  Then in May, we hope to come up with the 2nd part of the Artisan Cheese Workshop - specialty cheeses such as brie, blue cheese, and cheddar plus edam so we can prepare for the christmas season.  Yup, for the yuletide as it takes 6 months to make an edam cheese.

For those interested to attend, please let me know.  We are limiting the slots to a very small number as we do want everyone to learn and enjoy.

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