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Kefir and yogurt are among the the healthiest food on earth. With the help of the good guys, the live bacteria aka live active culture, anyone can take a small step at attaining good health. However, this is only so when the product you choose says "live bacteria, or active culture, or live culture". Our products have live culture thus you get the full benefits from yogurt. Not only that, we use natural ingredients for most of our products - brown sugar, fresh fruit, farm fresh milk, natural sugar replacement(stevia), and organic eggs to name a few.

Just because it is healthy does not mean it is boring. At Yoggie's, we make sure that you get to love being healthy and say "it's so yummy!" all the way home.

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pictures from 3rd Soft Cheese Workshop

Sorry, this is long overdue.  Here are the pics from last week's workshop.    Next workshop is on Sept. 22. check out our announcement at www.yogurtstation.blogspot.com.

The workshop started off with making cheese per se.  We needed to do this because we wanted to let our attendees bring home the cheeses they had made.

Our students getting a hands-on activity at making cheese.

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