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Kefir and yogurt are among the the healthiest food on earth. With the help of the good guys, the live bacteria aka live active culture, anyone can take a small step at attaining good health. However, this is only so when the product you choose says "live bacteria, or active culture, or live culture". Our products have live culture thus you get the full benefits from yogurt. Not only that, we use natural ingredients for most of our products - brown sugar, fresh fruit, farm fresh milk, natural sugar replacement(stevia), and organic eggs to name a few.

Just because it is healthy does not mean it is boring. At Yoggie's, we make sure that you get to love being healthy and say "it's so yummy!" all the way home.

But don't just take our word for it, take a look at some of our products:

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Yoggie's Kefir Products

Yoggie's Kefir
Milk Kefir
plain, 1 lliter 150.00
Orange         180.00
Mango Orange 210.00 per 1 liter bot.
Mango 220.00 per liter

Water Kefir/Tibicos Probiotic Drink
Plain, 100.00 per liter
plain with goji berries 1 liter 150.00
dalandan fizz 1 liter 135.00 (seasonal)
Lychee water kefir 1 liter 150.00
Kefir Ginger Ale           1 liter     Php200.00
Keifr Ginger Cinnamon Ale     1 liter           Php 280.00 (has turmeric and cinnamon that are said to aid in lowering insulin levels)
Kefir Ice Cream
Plain, 350.00 per liter
1 gallon     900.00
Kefir Kimchi
   Php90.00/ 250 grams
Kefir Vinegar
120.00php /liter
Kefir kit  (contains kefir grains, strainer, funnel, non toxic bottle, container.  For those who would like to make their own kefir drink) choose between:

Milk kefir kit            1500 /kit
Water Kefir Kit        1200/kit
Molasses Black strap        1 liter        Php 400.00
                                       500 ml             250.00
Muscovado                         1 kg         130.00
                                     500 grams    75.00
Funnel, plastic                 75.00/pc
Strainer, plastic               75.00/pc

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  1. Hi, u have water kefir? I would like 1 tbsp. Please add also half kilo of muscovado for the minerals to feed them. What's the price on that? Thank you.


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