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Kefir and yogurt are among the the healthiest food on earth. With the help of the good guys, the live bacteria aka live active culture, anyone can take a small step at attaining good health. However, this is only so when the product you choose says "live bacteria, or active culture, or live culture". Our products have live culture thus you get the full benefits from yogurt. Not only that, we use natural ingredients for most of our products - brown sugar, fresh fruit, farm fresh milk, natural sugar replacement(stevia), and organic eggs to name a few.

Just because it is healthy does not mean it is boring. At Yoggie's, we make sure that you get to love being healthy and say "it's so yummy!" all the way home.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Non-fat or Sugar free Yogurt?

I get so many inquiries about yogurt- sugar-free yogurt, greek yogurt, natural yogurt, yogurt ice cream, etc. The best question I ever got so far is choosing between a non-fat yogurt and sugar free yogurt. Apparently, my client wants a balance of a healthy product and a good tasting one.

Almost always, the notion is that when it's healthy, it's not delicious. Not in the case of yogurt though. It is both healthy and delicious specially when it is flavored and when it is an all-natural product like the ones we serve at Yoggie's yogurt. However, my customer wanted to be certain she gets the most out of our products thus she asked me "If you were to choose, which one would you like? Low fat yogurt with sugar or sugar free yogurt made of whole milk?" I admit I was caught unaware. I always just take yogurt according to what comes naturally - what my palate craves for at the moment.

After about 5 seconds I began to weigh the benefits and pros and cons of the two products. Finally I chose our sugar free yogurt - either our natural or greek yogurt. Here's why:

1 Flavor - our natural yogurt is good with our without sugar. It can be made thick and creamy or thin and runny.

2. Fat is good - milk's fat is good for us. In one of the researches I read, it says that milk's fat is good cholesterol and it would be better to take our dairy as natural as it is which means whole milk.

3. Versatility - our plain natural sugar free yogurt can be flavored with natural fruits,cereals, or even natural syrups such as honey or maple syrup according to how sweet it is preferred. So, it becomes sweet with minimal or no glucose at all.

Our natural yogurt at Yoggie's Yogurt comes in plain (unflavored and unsweetened), sweetened, flavored (mango, strawberry lassi, oreo or pineapple).

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  1. Jane

    Thank you for visiting my site and letting my visitors from the Philippines know that you can provide them with fat free yogurt.

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