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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Water Kefir - The Vegetarian Elixir

"Oooohh so good!"  That was my daughter's comment about our kefir. 

I have and on several occasions. But, I love healthy food and beverages that I sort of force my self (and my family too, much to their dismay) to gulp down the biodegradable, invigorating and all around health boosting liquid called tea or coffee or juice and learn to like it. It's just so fortunate that my palate easily adapts and accepts what my mind commands it to do but my family hates it when I force them. 

Here's a delightfully healthy drink that's available in our menu - the water kefir. Water Kefir, aka kefir d' acqua is a drink that is made from water kefir grains (aka tibicos mushroom), is made up of good bacteria that ferments anything that it is mixed in. Our water kefir is made with muscovado sugar that tastes more like sweet wine.  Taken cold, it is a refreshing health drink that can  My daughter says it tastes like wine without the woozy feeling.  As claimed by many, there are several benefits from taking it. According to another site, water kefir is said to do the following: (the comments in parentheses are mine as I or a member of my family have experienced them)


* HEAD:  It cures migraine and pains on the head. (I do not experience any migraine anymore.  Occasional headaches once in a while but which go away without any medication.  just rest.)

* MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM:  It combats rheumatism, arthritis and muscular pains.  (my father drinks water kefir and says the chronic pain on his back and leg has since been gone)

* RESPIRATORY SYSTEM:  It strengthens bronchial tubes and the lungs. It cures asthma, reduces phlegm and removes cough. (my daughter used to have cough every so often.  Now, it only comes back when she's not able to drink kefir regularly.  I don't get any cough anymore.)

* DIGESTIVE SYSTEM:  It improves the function of the liver, pancreas, bile ducts. It cures diarrhea, it helps in the process of digestion and helps to avoid gastritis and ulcers. (My mother-in-law says it helps her with her bowel movement.  She's no longer constipated.  I used to have upset stomach quite a lot before.  Not anymore.

* CIRCULATORY SYSTEM:  Controls cholesterol, softens hardened arteries and veins, lower sugar levels, controls arterial blood pressure; corrects hemorrhoids. (I love chicharon.  You know, those pork cracklings.  But when I have my blood pressure taken and my cholesterol level checked, they are both normal despite my age.  I'm in my mid 40's already)

* RENAL SYSTEM:  Prevents in the formation of gall stones and if they are present it dissolved it little by little. It cures different illness of the bladder, helps one to urinate regularly and well.

* NERVOUS SYSTEM:  It cures insomnia and dizziness. Removes pains produced by the nerves.

* OBESITY:  Burns fat. It keeps those who are thin in good health. For these, it is recommended that one should take 3 glasses of TIBICOS before breakfast.

*AGING:  It avoids pains associated with aging. It reduces the effect of hormonal changes.

*OTHERS: Cures herpes, cataracts in the eyes, prevents some types of cancer in the skin.

* ALCOHOL: If taken frequently, it lessens the desire to get drunk, versus to take wine.

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  1. This must be good. Thanks for the information, Juana!


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